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Sophie came to our house as a foster dog. She was with us just a little more than a week before we knew she was meant to stay. Our then 10-year-old beagle, who we had had since a puppy, likes other dogs but never seemed to really bond with any of them. But he took to Sophie almost immediately, letting her snuggle with him on the couch. This is NOT something he does not do with other dogs, and we were shocked to see it happen not once, but several times over multiple days. Just as Tobey seemed to accept Sophie as his companion, she quickly made her way into the rest of our hearts.

Over the past six months, Sophie has gone from a dog who was so nervous around new people that she spent two days watching us from a safe distance, tail tucked down, to loving family member. She greets us with a toy and not just a tail wag, but an entire wagging body, whether we’ve been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours. She approaches strangers who come into her home not with fear, but with hope that she’ll receive pets and treats. When Sophie first came to our house, she wouldn't go outside unless someone went with her and stood outside with her. Now, she loves exploring her yard for new and familiar scents and will ask to be let out just to run around the yard, head down, sniffing away. She gets VERY excited when it’s time to head out for a morning run. And when it’s time to slow down for the night, she loves to snuggle under the covers with her people. Sophie has learned to play with toys and with her beagle brother, to sit and wait patiently for her meals, and comes in from the yard when she’s called. She’s a smart girl who loves to be rewarded with treats and kind words.


Sophie brings us so much joy and makes us smile every day with her sweet, loving personality and her joyful exuberance. It warms our hearts that she’s learned to trust us and grown to love us. We’re so grateful that we had an opportunity to bring this sweet girl into our family. We love her so much. Thank you Seattle Beagle Rescue for rescuing Sophie and helping her get to us and her forever home.

Jenn Sutton

Hi guys!

I just wanted to thank you all for providing the funds for Sadie's second surgery. She truly has a new lease on life! I used to carry her home from short walks and now, only two and a half weeks post-op, she runs home.  I have to hold her back to keep her to the prescribed exercise routine. She was certainly suffering a lot before and had more restricted movement than I realized.  Now, she seems to have wings!


Thank you so much,

Angela Groves


Jimmy is doing great he has grown into such a wonder dog.  His puppy years were eventful  he was quite the rascal but as time has gone by he has settled down and is such a good boy.  We enjoy him so much and he just loves Roy and visa versa.  I have had him in training but decided to take the summer off from it so we could just enjoy the summer. His last course was a nose work class he loved it and is really good at it.  I tell him to go search for a specific toy and he is so smart he does finds it and. Rings it right to me.  We will pick up again in the fall as it keeps he brain working and we both enjoy it.

Thank you for enhancing our live with this beautiful boy.
Renee Pauze




Early this year, my wife and I had to put our beloved Bentley to sleep. He was only 2.5 years and had suffered from an epileptic seizure to which he never fully recovered. Needless to say, the family was devastated as he was a major part of our family. One evening while relaxing on the couch watching TV, my wife and I started watching YouTube videos on different breeds of dogs. We probably watched upwards of 20 videos and finally came across the mighty Beagle. As we watched the video we couldn't help but miss our Bentley, he was a Walker Coonhound. As curiosity got the better of us, we checked local adoption agencies and rescues to see what the options were for Beagles. This is when we came across Seattle Beagle Rescue and found Swarley's picture. We loved his soft eyes and long floppy ears, you know what I'm talking about. After a few email exchanges and some phone calls, I met Swarley's parents and Swarley himself. From the beginning, both parties knew that this was indeed a good situation for Swarley. After a home visit and an introduction to the kids, Swarley found a new home and we as a family were able to fill a giant hole in our lives. We will always love Bentley and will cherish the time we had with him. As I type this, Swarley (who is now names Sammy), is laying on the couch sound asleep with his favorite pillow.

Thank you Seattle Beagle Rescue for taking such great care in finding good homes for this wonderful breed. My hope is that others may read this story and find similarities within their own lives and will look into the possibility of adopting a Beagle. They are GREAT dogs!



Thanks for our beautiful little Lucy. She loves her walks, her toys, and getting into mischief. We are so lucky to have her in our family!

Here are pictures of just some of the beagles that have been adopted over the past year. These lucky dogs have new families to love them!