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Want More Information? Try These Links.


Helpful Websites


Doggie Door (www.doggiedoor.com) –  Good Q & A page, recommended articles and books for adjusting/training your new dog.

Beagles On the Web (www.beagles-on-the-web.com)  – training FAQ’s, rescue and general beagle information.

AROOOO! (www.geocities.com/Heartland/8818) – E-mail support group for beagle owners.

Dumb Friends Animal League (www.ddfl.org/tips.htm#dog) – advice for specific doggy issues e.g. barking, housebreaking, separation anxiety, kids…

King County Humane Society  (www.seattlehumane.org/petcare.htm) – good links/ info. about vet care, training, local information, recommended books.

Seattle Beagle Rescue Info. page  (www.beaglerescue.org/info.html)

K9 Beagle Profile (www.k9web.com/dog-faqs/breeds/beagles.html) – general beagle information, FAQ’s, health issues, and recommended reading

The Pet Web Library  (wwwmarvistavet.com/html/the_pet_web_library.html) – great pet health information