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Beagles are very unique little characters. Do not even consider adding a beagle to your family based on looks alone. Behind that sweet face is a very stubborn and single-minded scent-hound! Do your reasearch - talk to vets, talk to beagle owners, read books, talk to us.

Why a Beagle Isn't for Everyone:

Beagles have been bred for hunderds and hundreds of years to follow their noses, so now... they do! And it gets them into lots of trouble.

Beagles absolutely need to live in a house with a securely fenced yard. When a beagle catches a scent, their nose will hit the ground and they will go off to follow it. All other senses will be turned off, and no matter how loud you yell "COME", a beagle will not listen and will not come back. It's not that they don't love you and want to run away, or that they are being purposefully disobedient... they are just following their nose. That's the job of a beagle. We humans, as their guardians, need to make sure that they are safely contained so that their noses don't get them into a dangerous situation.

Beagles can't go on walks or hikes off-leash. For the same reasons as above, they always need to be attached to their human when they are outside of their fenced yard. They are not the type of dog that can go hiking or camping with you and just 'hang out' by the campsite. You need to have them on a leash at all times.

Beagles are difficult to train. This is often said, but not entirely true. They can learn to understand what you're telling them, they just don't always decide to listen - especially when there is food involved! "Leave it" is not a well-loved command with beagles :-) They can be quite stubborn.


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