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Please note that Seattle Beagle Rescue only places dogs in the Pacific Northwest.

If you are out of the area, please use this map to find the beagle rescue closest to you.

If you have a beagle or a beagle mix that you need to have adopted, please fill out our Listing Agreement Form and read the following information. After filling out this form, you will hear from Beagle Rescue within 72 hours, via e-mail or telephone.

If possible, please e-mail us a photo of your dog - having photos with their listing greatly increases their adoptability.

Please note that we can either do referrals or place your dog in a foster home.

We appreciate the ability to handle dogs as referrals if possible because it is much less stressful on the dog not to be moved to a foster home and also because we have a shortage of foster homes and prefer to reserve them for dogs that are in life-or-death situations in shelters and need to be fostered immediately. If your dog is safe at home and can stay with you while potential adopters are located, please consider referral.

If we list your dog as a referral, Beagle Rescue will pre-screen potential adopters and then send them to meet your dog. We require that you have your pet spayed or neutered prior to placement and that your beagle be updated on its vaccinations.

Foster Homes
If you prefer to release your dog to us to be placed into a foster home, we will do our best to place your dog in a foster home as soon as one becomes available. We will need you to print and sign transfer of ownershop forms to release the dog to Beagle Rescue. If your beagle needs medical care (neutering/spaying, vaccines, dental care, or any other treatment), we would appreciate a donation if possible to contribute to the expenses that Beagle Rescue will incur in treating your beagle.