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Tribute to Kelso

Kelso came to Seattle Beagle Rescue at the age of 10 after he was surrendered by his family to Metro Animal Services after his third escape. He spent 12 days at the shelter before we found out about him. I remember his first night with us because he was my first foster. He slept so soundly and looked so peaceful as he fell asleep on the couch. During his time here he developed a wonderful bond with our youngest beagle who was only 2 at that time. Playing with her brought out the puppy in him. It was wonderful to see him having so much fun. Kelso spent 9 months with our family before someone finally showed
interest in him. During that meeting with the prospective adopter I knew in my heart that I could not let him go. He was my boy. He belonged at home with us and our three other beagles. I called right after that to let Connie know that I couldn't let him go and that we
were adopting him. She was thrilled for us as she thought that he had already found his home with us. Kelso had 3 and a half wonderful years with us. After a night of seizures and a possible stroke the vet discovered all his organs were enlarged and his chest cavity was
filling with fluid. In addition the x-rays showed a mass around his liver, kidneys and intestines. As much as I wanted him to stay with me, I could not justify putting him through anything else just to keep him with me. I was with him on June 28th along with my son as we said goodbye and sent him over the rainbow bridge. Kelso was my first foster and he will hold a very special place in my heart.

Tribute to Suzie

We are saddened to announce the passing of our sweet girl Suzie on May 12, 2016, at the age of 14. Predeceased by her beagle-mate Sonny, Suzie came to us from Seattle Beagle Rescue in 2006 as a boisterous brown eye girl. Tail wagging and barking for 3 hours all the way from Seattle to Vancouver BC (Canada), she became a member of the family enjoying endless walks sniffing at anything and everything.

Eating was a passion for her. She’s a beagle need we say more. She would hang out in the kitchen while dinner was being prepared begging for a piece of carrot, apple, and really anything else she could get her hand on. She once even climbed up on a chair and started munching away at freshly made granola – who knew beagles like granola!


When she wasn’t swaggering about she would be curled up next to us shifting here and there to find that perfect comfortable position to fall asleep. There were also the endless belly rubs. These were spa moments to her and her facial expression said it all. Priceless!

In January 2013, Suzie developed congestive heart disease with a mitral valve tear. The cardiac specialist had given her 8 months to live. But Suzie fought hard for us. It was too early for her to leave us. Saddened by this news, every new day became precious as the previous. But miraculously, she rebounded and despite her physical impediments enjoyed long walks and even ran with ease. Her swagger was all in there and she was in all respects behaving normally. The cardiac specialist couldn’t explain it nor could our regular veterinarian. Suzie simply wanted to stay and for that we are grateful.


In early 2016, she developed atrial fibrillation in the heart secondary to her congestive heart failure. But she kept fighting. In May 2016, she had a further complication developing pulmonary hypertension. Through all this she didn’t let on that her time was near.

A week into May, we believe she was giving us signs that it was time to say goodbye. We refused to believe this but she looked up with her big brown eyes and you could tell. She would lay under a juniper bush in our back yard. The only other time she had done this in her life was when we first brought her home. On May 7th, she refused to eat food anymore. We took her in to the critical care hospital that examined her and ran an abundance of tests on her. Other than her existing conditions, she physically had nothing wrong to explain why she wasn’t eating. On Thursday May 12th, she passed away on her own terms from cardiac arrest. It was a sad day and it’s still hard to believe that she’s gone. We know she’s in a better place now and we’ll always have her in memories, pictures, and stories. She turned out exactly how we had envisioned her to be!


To SBR, thank you so much for posting Suzie (and Sonny’s) picture on your website all those years ago so that we could bring her home. To all her care-givers, thank you for all you’ve done for Suzie over the years and for giving her 3 more years with her. We always want to ask for more…


Tribute to Chandler

Chandler was rescued 14 years ago, or pretty much he chose me. We had a great 12 years together. Prior to his passing, this video was made. As he aged he could no longer walk the daily mile. I hope you enjoy this.

Click Here

Nancy Brocard

Tribute to Winston

Tribute to Winston 2/14/2002 - 5/18/2015 - Adopted 9/24/2011

Winston was dropped off at the shelter where I was volunteering just after my previous beagle had passed away. Nobody was showing much interest in him, and I felt bad for him. I took him home as a foster dog, planning just to clean up his drippy eyes and spruce him up a bit so that he could get adopted. I paraded him around Kirkland with his Adopt-Me vest on.

Well, it worked! Winston became mine after about 6 weeks.

We had some tense moments in the beginning...like when he used to charge at me like a wild animal, I'm not kidding, but we worked this out...I showed him that he didn't need to feel threatened, he had found a loving home.. Love and patience was what Mr. Winston needed, and I was able to give him that. After that, he was a transformed dog, and everything was fine.

He turned out to be sweet and friendly, affectionate, curious, and well-mannered. He didn't get on the couch or bed, which was new to me! He liked people, cats, and dogs alike, and there was a neighborhood cat he let rub up against him, and he sniffed noses with. Later he got comfortable getting up on the bed, and he liked to sit there all day long and wait for me to come home. He was a mellow, quiet, and low maintenance beagle, unusual qualities for a beagle, that's for sure! He liked to go on walks and hikes and ride in the car with his head out the window, or do just anything with me.

He was very proud of and happy with his new home, you could see this in his look. I loved having Mr.Winston around, and I'm missing him so much.

Love to Mr. Winston! He was a great dog!

Tribute to Roxanne

It is with great sadness and tremendous difficulty, we made the decision to end the suffering of our wonderful animal companion, Roxanne the Wonder Beagle. Roxanne came to our family in April 2005. She was a 4.5 year-old nose with four legs and a body.

Roxanne was recently diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer. Sadly, within the last couple of days of her life the disease outstripped her body's ability to function and for her to be comfortable and happy. While our sadness is deep and the quiet that her absence creates is profound, we take comfort that her last weeks were full of sunny days, at least one good squirrel chase, strident woofs at the mail carrier, walks around the neighborhood with Toby, and sunny naps in the front window watching dog TV as it played out on the street below.

She was a sweet and endlessly patient dog, never complaining about anything . . . except the absence of endless quantities of food. Her loving and self-effacing character will be missed and I strongly suspect squirrels will now maraud in our yard with impunity. Think of her with a smile and thank you for petting her, scratching her ears, or just laughing at her antics.

Thank you for rescuing Roxanne. Indeed, thank you for rescuing all beagles. They are wonderful companions whose purpose seems to make us laugh and remember to stop, smell the roses, and chase the squirrels.

Erin & Fritz

Tribute to Lexi

We adopted Lexi 9 years ago from the Seattle Beagle Rescue. She was a mild mannered, wonderful family dog. Lexi loved to eat, nap, howl with fire trucks and go on walks. Her favorite game was "find the treat." The kids would hide a dog treat and have her track it down somewhere in the house. With three kids, she feasted on many foods that were dropped at the dining room table. She was our "after meal vacuum cleaner." Lexi loved to be with her family. Besides her walk, her favorite time of day was when we sat down to watch tv. She sprawled out on her bed and enjoyed our company, snoring loudly. Lexi also loved the beach and snow days. It snowed on her last day. Lexi died of old age in March. She was a faithful companion and will be missed! Thank you, SBR, for rescuing these dogs and adding joy to our families!

Tribute to Patty

We started fostering Patty in October of 2010, a month before she turned seven. It was a year later when we decided to officially adopt her. There were families that came to meet her but we decided her home was with us. Patty loved to have all of the attention but learned to put up with her beagle brother Farley and our cats Bob and Belle. She liked to get snarky with all of them but they knew she was all bark and no bite. Patty had a lot of health issues at an early age but that made her all the more special. She had high blood pressure, Cushings and had to have a third of her teeth removed. We don’t know what the first six years of her life was like but she always had a bit of a worried look on her face. We reassured her constantly and we grew to love her sweet personality. I like to think that she adored us as well. I think she knew how good she had it with us :=)

Patty’s biggest passion was eating! She would eat anything, anytime. The boys and I were amazed at how she could inhale food in just seconds. Patty loved to sleep on pillow beds. We had them all over the house. She snored so loud (and made an assortment of other sounds) that we always knew exactly where she was. She also had this cute ritual of jumping on the pillow beds to flatten them. It looked like she was hopping like a bunny, it was the cutest thing! Patty always looked forward to her time with Pete Bowen (Seattle Beagle Rescue volunteer) because he always brought her food and treats. She preferred to leave the hiking and camping to Pete and Farley.

Patty passed away suddenly on Saturday, June 29th after Beaglefest. She had a stroke or heart failure on the way home. An hour earlier she was perfectly fine and having a great time at Beaglefest. We just wish we could have saved her somehow. It was so quick and she didn’t suffer but we just weren’t ready to lose her this soon. We lost our 10 year old beagle, Farley, last October and Patty was there for us during that hard time. I feel so lucky that we had her to love.

The boys and I miss her so much! Our lives were made better because of her. Thanks to the Seattle Beagle Rescue we had almost 3 amazing years with Patty! She will always be our sweet girl and we will never forget her.

Tina, Alec, Wyatt, Garrett and Alec Waters

In Memory of Mr. Lou Sears

In Memory of Mr. Lou Sears. December 16, 1929 - March 29, 2013

My dad had a great love for all animals and shared his life with many cats and dogs throughout the years. In his last few years, he and mom lived with kitty Tabitha but decided they were at a point in their lives that they shouldn't take on another dog. Almost 7 years ago dad went along with me to pick up my 10 week old beagle puppy Maggie. For the next 6 months, dad came to my house every day while our family was at work. At first he visited three times daily...letting Maggie out, playing with her, napping on the couch with her. There was probably not a week in the last seven years that dad didn't come to see Maggie. The last few months when he couldn't drive he would tell mom that he needed her to drive him to visit Maggie. In November when dad was in a nursing home recuperating from a stroke, he asked to see Maggie. Maggie picked up dad's scent in the hall where dad had been walking as part of his therapy; she tracked dad to his room, pulling me along behind and jumped up on the bed. They visited for an hour with Maggie mostly on top of dad and dad insisting that I not take her down.

Dad was always interested in Seattle Beagle Rescue, asking about the stories behind our beagles and celebrating each adoption as he saw the beagle disappear from the website. We are thankful to family and friends who honor dad's life with their donation to Seattle Beagle Rescue. He would be so pleased.

Maggie and I love you very much dad.



Friends and Family who have donated on behalf of Mr. Lou Sears

Deanna H

“In Memory of our dear friend Edgar Louis Sears”

David and Janet H

“In Memory of our Dear Lost Friend – E.L. Sears, Brem, WA”

Barbara S

“Memory of Lou Sears, From Barbara, Judy, Tommy”

Connie W and family

In Memory of my dad, Lou Sears. He loved beagle Maggie

Floyd and Colleen E

In Memory of Edgar Louis Sears, passed 3/29/13

Marla B and Kerry G

“In Memory of “Grandpa Lou Sears” from Bandit Brady”

Gary and Alberta R

“In Remembrance of Lou Sears”

Marilyn M

“In Memory of Lou Sears”

Cheryl and Terry S

“In Memory of Edgar Sears”

West Hills Elementary School Social Committee

“In memory of Edgar Louis Sears”

Chris S & Sheila K

"In memory of Sammy Lu!! Love, Cameron"

Tribute to Willie

Nearly nine years ago, I adopted a 5 year old male Beagle named Willie through your organization. I wanted to write this letter to you in thanks of the service you provide. I am very sad that we were forced to say goodbye to Willie last week due to him being sick with Lymphoma.

The day I picked Willie up I was with my girlfriend at the time, who is now my wife of 6 years. Willie was such a big part of our lives and became a favorite among our nieces and nephews, each of which has a beagle doll named Willie. I have never seen a dog that was as much of a character. From his moaning to burrowing under blankets or his constant need to cuddle on the couch he really added a ton of joy and happiness in the time that we had him. He was there at the beginning of our relationship, he was in our wedding and he held on long enough to see our first child who just turned 4 months old. Again, thank you for doing what you do and thank you for bringing Willie into our lives, he will never be forgotten.

Tribute to Daisy Mae

Sometimes a dog comes into your life and you just know they’ve chosen you. We adopted Daisy Mae in August 2011 when she was 5.5 years old, after falling absolutely in love with her before we even met!

We had a few hard months where she was sick with worms and also having a lot of accidents in the house, which resulted in me pulling a few all-nighters to let her out when she needed. But after all that, she was the sweetest, most appreciative dog I know. Every morning before breakfast she would show her belly, as well as after every meal. She always showed us how happy she was! Daisy had her naughty times of course, like all beagles. Above all, she loved to sleep, and we never thought anything of it since she was like that from when we adopted her. We never suspected there was anything wrong and all her vet checkups never indicated anything either.

Daisy began to decline in August, one year after we got her. The vet told us it was arthritis, even though she was only 6.5 years old. The medication given worked for a time and we were hopeful as she talked to us again, showed her belly, and gave us kisses which were a rare occurrence since she didn’t like to lick. It didn’t last as she quickly declined at the end of September. We took her to a neurologist, who discovered the terrible truth. Daisy had Multiple Myeloma all over her body, along with multiple enlarged discs that he’d never seen before. We were devastated to hear she was dying and we were powerless to change that. So we made that heart-wrenching decision to put her to sleep. She died as she lived; by our side and pampered with love.

We’ll never forget you Daisy. And thanks for all the lessons you’ve given my husband and I for you taught us so much over the course of a year. We loved you so much and look forward to adopting another dog in your honor, whether it will be another beagle or not. Thanks for letting us spoil you with kisses, hugs and special Friday night treats!

Farewell Farley

We adopted Farley, five years old, from the Seattle Beagle Rescue in April of 2007. As soon as we met him, my three sons (Alec, Wyatt and Garrett) and I knew he was the dog for us! He was my first dog ever. We loved his positive energy and his love for life! Farley even loved our family cats. He really only had two moods, happy and happier. He brought smiles and joy to our everyday lives. Like any other beagle, his favorite activities were eating and barking. Farley always looked forward to his time with Pete Bowen (Seattle Beagle Rescue volunteer) that took him on amazing hiking and camping adventures.

Farley was diagnosed with a nasal tumor last February and went to WSU (even though I am a Husky) for cancer treatment in March. It put the tumor in remission but not for as long we hoped. The tumor is very aggressive and Farley had been rapidly deteriorating the past few weeks. He stopped eating and drinking and we had to let him go earlier this week. It was one of hardest, saddest things I have ever had to do. I was with him and he was very peaceful.

The boys and I miss him so much but our lives were made better because of him. We still have another Seattle Beagle Rescue dog, Patty, that is almost 9 and is also the love of our lives. Thanks to the Seattle Beagle Rescue we had 5 amazing years with the best beagle ever! Farley will be in our hearts forever.

Tina, Alec, Wyatt, Garrett and Alec Waters