I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Bentley

We're happy to tell you that Bentley has a new furever home.
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He doesnt like other dogs near his food. I feed him in a crate. He sleeps in a crate and does great. No barking ( so far) and no accidents in crate. He has marked a few times when he is adventuring. He has not showed any interest in toys or chew treats yet. He does good on a leash. He pulls a little bit but not too bad. I did just today notice he’s favoring his back right leg . Maybe a Knee issue or an old injury. He’s walking on it, but it’s a limp for sure. And he is so good with my little one. He follows him all over the house. I was changing his diaper earlier, and Bentley was licking his toes. He is very sweet. I was laying the baby down for a nap earlier, and he laid his head on the pillow right next to the babies face. He likes to dig a lot.

Bentley is indeed a sweet boy.  We are currently leaning toward waiting to adopt but will continue to reflect on this decision over the next few days or so.
Bentley attached quickly to us.  At first, he wouldn't let one of us out of his slight with a slight preference toward my husband. Now though he will go upstairs to take a nap on our bed while we are on the 1st floor.  He is still a little anxious, constantly moving and waking us up when he hears something but he has definitely settled down in the last day.
We left him for the first time yesterday which went fine.  I gave him a puzzle and he watched us walk out the door without a peep.  We rode around the block and listened-no howling.  We were gone about 45 min. When we returned he was upstairs fast asleep.  We will leave him for a few hours again today.  He does charge the door when anyone leaves but we are working on that.
He has seen squirrels on his walk and seems to pay them no mind. We  have not encountered cats yet.  He is friendly to humans and other dogs when encountered on a walk.
If he sees a dog on the street or our neighbor through the fence, he gives one or two howls of greeting and then stops.  
He walks pretty well on the leash. Really better than many beagles I've worked with.  You do have to watch after he goes poop that he doesn't unearth peoples parking strips.  He also digs a little in the backyard but not too deep.
He is rather long and does like to counter surf. I just caught him before his tongue took the butter dish to the floor.  We are working on down as in general he is often on two legs either accessing the counter or with paws on me.
He is really good at holding it until taken out.  He only marked once right after I had taken him out.  However, he doesn't yet understand that when I take him to the back stairs, it means go down and go potty. I am still going down with him and training him on the command potty.  This is where Annabelle was really helpful in showing the fosters that potty meant going the back stairs.
Finally, food is challenging which the previous foster identified as well.  I have about 4 types of kibble which includes the pedigree he came with.  He is not really interested in any of them.  He eats wet food no problem. I can run through my tricks to encourage eating like pour overs and sampling kibble etc if it goes on for long.