I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Buster

We're happy to tell you that Buster has a new furever home.
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Buster is so cute but please, he is not a Christmas present...he is a family member that needs a commitment for his entire life. Buster is an adorable little tricolor beagle boy, full of all the puppy behavior! He is a unique boy with a kink in his cute beagle tail. He is beagle through and through with a nose that can smell anything! His tail goes up, nose to the ground and little legs just moving so fast to whatever he smelled. Buster is beginning to respond to his name and is working on potty training. He does well on his leash when going outside, except for the beagle nose doing a bit of puppy pulling. Buster is definitely food motivated and does really well with his slow feeder bowl. He has been sleeping in bed with his fosters and snuggling so nicely...but if you happen to get up in the middle of the night, he could be up and ready to play! He has been considerate lately and gone back to sleep after a potty break. He is also working a bit on crate training.  Buster is a playful boy who loves playing with his foster brothers (adult beagles) and he will play with toys alone, but as a puppy is still learning what is a chew toy and what is furniture/shoes/remotes. When he is ready for a nap, if you happen to be sitting down, he will come over and get on his hind legs to give those beagle eyes a look of pick me up and cuddle me! He would probably love kids that are 8 and over since he is a beagle puppy that is likely to take food from toddlers little hands and his puppy teeth are SUPER sharp! He is only about 10 weeks old and sadly needs his first real forever home and family. He has developed cherry eye in his left eye, but this will be fixed when he is neutered at Finn Hill Animal Hospital at the recommended age. If this adorable little guy is pulling at your heartstrings, please fill out an application!