I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Diego

We're happy to tell you that Diego has a new furever home.
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Diego is arriving soon to the Pacific Northwest. This is what the previous fosters have to say about sweet Diego: Diego is a medium sized, male beagle, weighing in at about 23 pounds.  Although his first years of life were spent mostly in a kennel, he is really enjoying having the run of the house.  Diego is shy to say the least, he is very cautious of new sounds, new people and new dogs that come and go from his environment.  He may jump and startle easier than other dogs but will at the same time come and be by his quiet human.  He seems to be quite afraid of men so a quiet, women only home will be best for him.  

Diego will do best in a quieter home.  When things are quiet and predictable, he will come and join us on the couch, lying near or right by us.  Diego does enjoy affection but nothing too quick, just nice slow movements.   Since Diego is so shy in the house and fenced in yard, we have not been on any long leash walks.   Therefore a secure fenced in back yard will be a requirement for him.  It will take more time for him to be comfortable before exploring the neighborhood on leash.  He is VERY scared of a leash right now.  He would be good with a non-dominant dog since he is too shy to be around any dominant dog.

Diego has all his shots; he is neutered and chipped and ready to be your best buddy.   Diego has been around children and is fine with them if they are quiet.  Any fast or loud movements will send Diego to his kennel or favorite hiding spot.   He is just learning that people, especially women, can be wonderful and just needs more time than most to be comfortable.    

Diego has recently started playing with toys, which is so fun to watch.  He watched the other dogs play with them and is now tossing and enjoying them himself. Diego really needs you, your love and patience to live a perfect doggy life.  Diego is okay in the kennel but has free run of the house as he is well behaved.  He is getting used to a doggy door to go outside and potty, but will need continued work on this.