I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Fred

We're happy to tell you that Fred has a new furever home.
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Fred is a lovable, 5 yr old 30lb, tricolor beagle boy! He is up to date on his vaccines, recently neutered and microchipped. He tested negative for heartworm - yahoo! Fred was taken in by a stranger when found as a stray. From his behavior, personality and physique he appears to have been a house dog prior to that. We don’t know the circumstances of how he ended up a stray. He is currently being fostered by wonderful people in Kentucky while he waits to come to the Pacific Northwest. He loves being around people and is extremely affectionate towards the husband in his current foster home.  He has no concept of personal space so any people in the household should like face-to-face snuggles. He shows signs of wanting to play with the other foster beagle (who currently is struggling with some uncertainty) but Fred is not fond of the bigger yellow Lab in the home when attention is being sought from the humans in the house. For this reason, Fred would likely be best as an only dog or possibly with another beagle or beagle-sized dog, in a home that has experience with attention hogging beagles. Fred is, as most beagles, food motivated but listens when being told no. He does fairly well with accepting treats and not taking any fingers with the treat. He is super excited at treat time and will jump for them, but not in an aggressive manner, but is just super happy for quick snack. He will butt in line when treats are being given, but will wag his tail and wait his turn if other dogs are getting treats first. He knows he won’t be left out! Fred loves going for walks and gets excited when he sees the leash come out. On one of his walks he barked at a cow but had no other interest…maybe he thought it was too big for a small beagle to chase? Fred isn’t super happy to be kenneled when his foster family is away and so far has done really well left free roaming with the other dogs. He was, of course, super happy to see his humans return. Fred has discovered he loves to lie on his bed by a fire on chilly days, snoring away, so if you have a fireplace or wood stove Fred just might be for you! At this time. we have no information on his ability to live with cats or children under 12 years old.