I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Katie

We're happy to tell you that Katie has a new furever home.
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OH HELLO! It was my shiny smooth coat, wasn't it? I get asked often what I do for my lovely coat, but I swear it's just natural! Or...was it my sweet soulful eyes, also one of my endearing features I've been told - but I'll let you decide for yourself. Either way I'm ready to go home with you! I can go fast. REAL FAST!  Give me some running space and I'll show you my low dips and tight corners. These compact legs are built for speed! But if I hear a sudden loud noise I am OUT man, game over.... Things are scary out there my friend...sudden noises and movements scare me and I want nothing to do with whatever causes them. But I'll tell you a secret....Shhhhh! So if you bring something real tasty. Anything soft and smell good really----  ooohhhh man I'll show you what an instant courage boost that is. I'll follow you to the end of time!
Other dogs are fun! I often get to meet them while I'm out taking my human for a walk and I am always eager to meet new friends! Their bravery in scary situations helps me feel more confident....But that's it for me! I don't think I want one in my own house. My bones are mine and my blankets are mine and my bed...well...that's mine too. I'll share with you - take whatever you want I don't mind -- but I don't think I want to share with other dogs, no thank you!
I am an excellent girl. My foster mom tells me all the time how good I am with my recall and how proud she is, even better than her own kids! When I hear my name called I come running REAL FAST. I gotta know what you need - how can I help you? YOU NEED TO GIVE ME BELLY RUBS YOU SAID? Don't you ever worry I always got your back -- just call my name I'll be there when you need me!
You'd be my best friend forever if you'd comply with my copious requests for belly rubs with all four of our paws but you only seem to use the top two paws on me...what's that's about? I guess I'll take it...I might take those cookies too....Oh who am I kidding I'LL TAKE BOTH.
What are you waiting for? I'm ready to come home right now! Lets go FAST!