I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Quinn

We're happy to tell you that Quinn has a new furever home.
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Quinn is ready to look for his forever home! He is a curious and affectionate beagle who is sure to steal your heart. Coming from a lab testing background, it did not take long for Quinn to transform his once nervous tail into a happy, wagging beacon of happiness.

He is always eager to explore new scents and tastes, his wagging tail and dog zoomies a testament to his happiness. He has made tremendous progress in housetraining and is a pro at walking on a leash. Quinn loves sniffing around, exploring new scents and tastes, and has recently mastered the art of chewing on sticks. He is very food motivated, his love for treats matched only by his love for cozy naps in his bed. He adores his protein but is not picky, happily finishing everything in his food bowl, including mixed veggies and fruits. He has also recently learned the "come" command, showcasing his intelligence. Despite his past nervousness, Quinn is learning to be more confident with sudden touches and loud sounds. Each day, he is becoming more confident in being a happy dog. Like most dogs, he is not a fan of taking baths, but he feels relaxed, happy and sleeps tight and cozy afterward.

Quinn has shown friendliness to all dogs and humans (including strangers on the road or stepping out of their car), especially dogs of similar size or smaller, greeting them with a sniff and inviting them to play and chase. He behaves well around children, displaying curiosity about their activities and tilting his head as if trying to understand what's going on.

Quinn had an opportunity to meet some cats and showed no interest in them. He could be placed with cats with a proper introduction and monitoring of interactions in the beginning.

If you're looking for a loyal companion who embodies the spirit of adventure and unconditional love (or a helper/companion especially in the kitchen), Quinn is ready to embark on a lifelong journey by your side. From our past experience, laboratory beagles learn from other dogs so Quinn really needs another confidant resident dog in the home and preferably a fenced yard. We have no information on his interaction with kids at this point. He would love to join your family so fill out an application to learn more!