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Sandy is very much a puppy at about 1 yr old and about 20lbs, in a foster home in Beaverton OR, with high energy and an excitable personality. She is not a cuddler…yet. Currently, she is not a couch potato, she doesn't understand regulating play and rest. To get your attention she will likely jump on you so, as a young beagle, she will need some training.

Her current foster says that Sandy is not what would be considered a barker, such as not consistently barking. However, while meeting strangers on the street; sees a stranger from the car (the Dutch Bros barista taking your order); or hears a noise she cannot understand, Sandy will let you know something is scary or is an unknown to her.

She loves, loves, loves to chew!!! Squeaky toys are quickly destroyed, and she seems to create an obsession…beagle traits! Plus, she is a Super Chewer! Sandy has strong jaws, and she needs very durable toys: black Kong does well. As with most dogs, Sandy loves bully sticks and pigs’ ears, but if you don't hold them while she chews on them, she tends to hide them in the house. She is a health nut and loves blueberries, baby carrots, yogurt, cottage cheese, pumpkin, and peanut butter! These are all great choices to fill her Kong!

Sandy LOVES to play with other dogs. She was temperament tested at 2 different doggie daycares and passed with flying colors. Big or small dogs, she wants to play with them all. Like many young puppies Sandy has learned behaviors from older dogs that she has spent time with. Another dog in the home would be helpful to entertain her and teach her good dog behavior. Another resident dog isn’t a requirement if she can have some dog playdates and her family can keep up with her energy.

Sandy has found her favorite toy…the Flirt Pole! It will help burn some of that energy in the yard while not exhausting the humans in the home. She is a born chaser and tug of war participant. Sandy is not great on leash so she needs some work, but she is smart and will get there with consistent training. She is excelling at her sit, leave it, touch commands, but she still needs work on lay down and off. Her kenneling needs a bit of practice as well as some anxiety of being left solely alone. She can be whiny/ barky when alone, however she is working on this in her current foster home.

And like many beagles Sandy is a bit of a digger! She rides in the car like a dream, mostly falling asleep in her harness seatbelt clip. With her great nose, Sandy would excel at sniff work...and it burns some of that puppy energy!

Before her travels she did test positive for Lyme disease and is still taking daily medication for Lyme disease, which means a couple of things: she is on a 30-day round of antibiotics and she MUST be on a flea/ tick preventative to help stop the spread of Lyme disease.

  • Beagle & Mix
  • Female
  • Puppy (7 - 24 Months)My DoB is 04/15/2023 (Estimated)
  • 21 - 30 Pounds
  • Tri Color
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • Not Tested With Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
  • Not Tested With Small Animals
  • I Have Not Been Tested with Farm Animals
  • $400.00
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