I've found my furever family!

Hi! My Name Is Sassy Sue

We're happy to tell you that Sassy Sue has a new furever home.
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Meet Sassidy Sue! She is looking forward to her trip out to the Seattle area in a few days! Here current foster says this about her: Her favorite thing to do on a warm clear day is sit on a cushion in a shaded area of the deck and watch the butterflies and leaves go by.  She is laid back, chill, easygoing, mellow, and anything else in that range of temperaments.  She nuzzles you for attention, and if that doesn’t work, you’ll get a paw placed on your arm.  She rarely barks, she snoozes without snoring, she loves tummy rubs and having her ears stroked.  She’s a love. 

Sassidy Sue is a senior girl of 8.  She has a slight heart murmur, which does not require medication.  Her “third eyelid” is a little more prominent than some dogs and may be reddish at times, but two vets have both said that it is entirely normal and no cause for concern.  

She has one important learning opportunity.  She loves to get out of the yard and go for a-walk-about.  She has escaped her foster home several times, and each time spent a merry afternoon in a soybean field baying and unreachable.  On one occasion, she found and exploited a weakness in a wire fence overlooked or ignored by many foster dogs over the years.  On another, she found yet another such spot.  On a third, she dug under the fence to get out.   And so now she is not allowed into the yard unsupervised.  She is left in secure areas of the house, her favorites being a bedroom and a sitting room, both with comfy chairs.  Note that she does not bolt out of the door when opened.  She has not “tried” to escape, she has merely followed her nose.  A beagle’s nose can be bad company.

Here is the story of Sassidy Sue’s life before rescue.  She, three other adult beagles, and some puppies, all came from the same place.  Their owner wanted them for hunting rabbits, and Sassidy Sue did some of that.  However, the owner’s health deteriorated and he was unable to take the dogs out. They stayed in cages in his back yard with little interaction.  This led to Sassidy and the others going through a chain of rescuers.  She looks more like a youngster than a senior, slender and sleek and sweet personality.

Sassidy Sue does OK in a crate but there is no need for one, as she is not an anxious or destructive dog.  She walks well on a leash. As to house training, she is let out into a small fenced yard and takes time from sniffing to do her business. She is spayed, chipped, up-to-date with her shots, and has tested heartworm negative.